dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Feedback D4E1 design exposition

'Read here' the program of the design exposition
'See here' Design For Everyone on Focus WTV

Feedback received on the expo:

not expected positive:
-nice, maybe the next iteration based on this product should be in carbon

expected positive
-It's really light
-It is a very useful product, can I have one?
-The fact that it deals with different levels is excellent
-It's positive when people can adjust the product to their own levels
-Nice pack

not expected negative
-Watch out for the metal parts, they are sharp! Better would be: rounded edges

expected negative
-It would have been better when everything was 100% available in the DIY shop (referring to the 3mm metal part)

DIY design assembly manual

maandag 6 juni 2011

Prototype 8, Smaller, weighs lesser and different levels are possible (v2.8)

Tests for glueing natural rubber on plywood.
The test are made with: from left to right:
superglue (Bison), Epoxy glu - 2 components (Araldit), powerspray (PATTEX), pvc boat glue (BRAVO)

The result after 1 hour:

Works perfect:
Epoxy glu - 2 components (Araldit)

Works good:
Superglue (Bison)
pvc boat glue (BRAVO)

Doesn't work!:
powerspray (PATTEX)

Visiting the familly

On the 6th of june I went again to Kessel to propose 3 new prototypes.
The first two lean very close to each other (prototype 6 and 7). They are the same, but different in many ways. Prototype 5 was something totally different. It is made out of steel. This was the feedback on the visit:




Focus on prototype 7, turn the negatives into positives. And improve even more the positive points. Julien didn't stood still and also made some new improvements. The best of his findings will be integrated in the new and final design...

prototype 7, the same but different v2.7

fast and simple

clustering small and biggest parts

Clustering of the smallest ramps with the esthetic looking non slip feature for the wheelchair

Rubber to prevent slipping and to overcome small bumps in the roaddeck

Extended support beams to prevent banging of the structure when coming down.

Rope is used as a spacer between the two ramps and as levers to carry the suitcase.Position of the connection doesn't affect the supporting structure.